SportQuest Skating Academy, Parade Ice Garden – Figure Skating Minneapolis, MN
Friday January 19th 2018

About Us

SportQuest Skating Academy (SQSA) is a corporation founded by Page Lipe in 1993, an international master-rated coach with over 25 years experience, to provide a formalized training center for figure skaters, offering a positive and challenging skating environment for both the active recreational skater who wishes to progress up the test ladder of ISI, as well as for the competitive figure skater who wishes to test, compete and excel under United States Figure Skating (USFS) structure (

SQSA operates the Learn to Skate School at Parade Ice Garden which offers group classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during both the Fall and Winter sessions, as well as a Summer Learn to skate program that starts in late June. These classes are open to prospective skaters as young as age 3.  The Learn to Skate School offers classes at different levels ranging from the tot skater who is taking their first steps on the ice and progresses to classes offered to skaters who have already been in the Learn to Skate school for a couple years.  We also have classes geared toward older students and adults who want to learn how to skate. Lastly our learn to skate program is a valuable tool for prospective young hockey players as they learn how do use their edges, skate with more power using cross-overs, etc.  It puts them ahead of the game when it comes to playing hockey as the skating comes automatically and they can concentrate on learning stick-work and puck control.   Click on the Learn to Skate link on the menu bar for more information and the current registration form for Learn to Skate classes.

In addition, SQSA offers an extensive off-ice training schedule that varies depending on the season of the year, including off-ice fitness, mental edges, off-ice jumping, ballet and choreography as well as a summer skating training program between early June and late August. This summer program, which we call SummerQuest, is an intensive figure skating training program geared toward both ISI and USFS test and competitive track skaters who wish to excel.


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