SportQuest Skating Academy, Parade Ice Garden – Figure Skating Minneapolis, MN
Friday January 19th 2018


Ice Sports Industry (ISI) is an international industry trade association encompassing all aspects of the ice skating industry.

ISI was founded in 1959 as a nonprofit organization for owners, operators, and developers of ice skating facilities. For over 45 years, ISI has become the industry trade association for progressive ice skating facilities, managers, coaching professionals, suppliers and individual skaters.


  • Encourages participation in ice skating as a recreational sport. Provides information for the development and construction of ice arenas. Produces trade and educational publications and literature. Holds an annual educational conference and trade show for arenas managers, skating directors, instructors, and skating industry manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Provides ice skating programs for skaters of all ages and abilities. Hosts four recreational skating competitions annually.
  • Organizes consumer shows in conjunction with its recreational skating events.

ISI’s national headquarters is located in Plano, Texas.

ISI Levels:

Tots – for very beginning skaters – ages 3 – 5

Pre Alpha – forward marching, 2 foot glides, 1 foot glides, dips, swizzles (forward & backward), backward wiggles

Alpha – forward stroking, snowplow stop, & forward crossovers (left over right, right over left)

Beta – backward stroking, t – stops, & backward crossovers (left over right, and right over left)

Gamma – forward outside 3 turns (left foot & right foot), forward inside Mohawk pattern (left foot & right foot), hockey stop

Delta – forward inside 3 turns (left foot & right foot), lunge OR shoot the duck, forward edges (outside & inside), & bunny hop

Freestyle 1 – backward edges (outside & inside), spiral, half flip, waltz jump, two foot spin, & pivot

Freestyle 2 – ballet jump, half lutz, half toe walley, two spirals on edges, 1 foot spin, dance step

Freestyle 3 – toe loop, salchow, change foot spin, backward spiral on an edge, backward pivot, dance step

Freestyle 4 – half loop jump, loop jump, flip jump, sit spin, 2 backward spirals on an edge, dance step

Freestyle 5 – lutz, axel, camel spin, back scratch spin, combination camel / sit upright spin, dance step

Freestyle 6 – double salchow, axel – half loop – flip combination jump, split falling leaf, split jump, sit change sit spin OR layback spin OR cross foot spin, spin combination with change of foot and position, dance step

Freestyle 7 – double toe loop OR double toe walley, two walley jumps in a row, 1 foot axel – quarter flip – axel, opposite jump (loop, flip, or lutz), flying camel, combination spin with change of foot and position, dance step

Freestyle 8 – double loop, double flip, split lutz, flying sit spin OR axel sit spin, one and a quarter flip / one and a quarter flip / double salchow jump combination, illusion OR camel jump camel spin, dance step

Freestyle 9 – spiral / bauer / spread eagle combination, double lutz, axel double loop combination jump, axel in opposite direction OR double axel, rocker or counter jump / double toe assisted jump / double loop, flying camel into a jump sit spin, dance step

Freestyle 10 – double axel / double toe combination jump, triple edge jump, death drop, four alternating axels in a row OR triple toe assisted jump, double jump to the right / double jump to the left OR triple toe assisted jump / double loop combination, 3 arabian cartwheels OR butterfly jumps in a row, dance step (created by the skater)