SportQuest Skating Academy, Parade Ice Garden – Figure Skating Minneapolis, MN
Friday January 19th 2018

SQSA Parade

SQSA Parade is our ISI affiliate.  In order to represent SQSA Parade at competitions, and take ISI tests through SQSA Parade, skaters must be members of ISI.

We encourage our younger skaters to start in the Learn to Skate program (levels tots – Delta) and continue their skating on club ice with private lessons.  SQSA Parade offers monthly testing sessions for the freestyle 1 – 7 levels (higher test levels must be taken at ISI competitions) as a measure of progress.  Once a skater passes an ISI test (of any level), it will be registered with ISI at their headquarters.  SQSA Parade skaters participate in many ISI endorsed competitions locally and across the country.  ISI competitions are a fun and productive way for skaters to exhibit the elements and programs that they work on in practice sessions and private lessons.  Competitions are a great way to prepare for test sessions and are an important component for skill building.  Once a skater passes an ISI test, they are then eligible to compete at that level.

ISI is a recreational skating organization that focuses on bettering skating skills and including all participants, regardless of level or ability.


2016-17 Membership Info and Forms